Most of our clients like to keep a low profile, but some have (graciously) let us talk about customizations to the products and new product development. We've highlighted some of these here.


RB Racing



  OCRA Tachometer     

We've been fortunate enough to be involved in the design and testing of instruments for RB Racing out of California. Their demand for perfection in both the electronic design and user experience has helped us both improve our products, and provide a whole new genre of motorsport to play with - Bonneville flats high speed trials. We've worked on their ORCA Tachometer and ORCA Turbo Dash products over the last two years, with lots of new and exciting things coming for 2008. 

OCRA Turbo Dash

RBRacing is a veteran of the most demanding applications for instrumentation - salt flats top speed runs. EGT thermocouple monitoring, accurate, easy to read tachometers, GPS speed and timing equipment, turbo boost pressure and more. The 2008 Bonneville attempt will be a great proving ground.


   8228 - Mike Geokan's Bullet


University Formula SAE & Baja


XDL is happy to be able to assist with University FSAE and Baja teams. If you want to find out how reliable something is, drive it headfirst into a mud filled swamp. Odds are if it's still ticking, you might have something.


baja1.jpg baja2.jpg

    University of New Brunswick Baja Team- GPS Speedometer & Timing Tests



Auburn University Baja Team



 Auburn University FSAE - Early xTach testing

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