GPS Speedometer & Lap Interval Timing

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The biggest question for most racers out there is where they need to improve. Providing easy feedback on performance critical to judge both driver and car changes, positive and negative. The xgps box was created to provide an easy, driver-friendly way to get some feedback on lap timing without features that aren't needed. No trackside setup; no expensive boxes. Just apply power and go.

Track configuration is as simple as waiting for a GPS signal, doing a calbration lap where you tag the start/finish and your interval points. Once completed, when in automatic time mode, the box will automatically display the lap and interval times for 5-15 seconds before returning to the running lap timer.

Featuring the same CNC billet design as the xtach, the gps speedo features a high bright, easy to read 7 segment LED display and large 12mm buttons with tactile feedback that are easier to use while wearing racing gloves.

The critical piece of technology is provided by the Garmin 18X 5Hz GPS unit. This box updates your speed and position five times per second - 5 times the update rate of a standard GPS reciever. This allows a simple microcontroller to give repeatable, accurate results.

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  • - GPS Speedometer Mode w/5Hz update
  • - MPH or KPH settings, high speed recall & clear
  • - GPS Calibrated Stopwatch Mode with Remote Trigger
  • - Lap interval timing from GPS location
  • - Up to 8 split times over lap
  • - Last 10 lap recall with split times
  • - Configurable interval time display period
  • - Programmable LED bargaph via onboard menu
  • - Customizable color bargraph - 8 high intensity red, yellow, green, blue or white LEDs
  • - 7 segment LED display available in high-bright red or yellowdigits
  • - Rugged, durable billet case with potted electronics for superior reliability


Pricing, Availability, and Ordering:

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll get you taken care of.

xgps speedo mk I, billet case, 3.0" x 2.0" x 1.0" - $TBD*

xgps speedo mk I, pcb and display only, source code and schematic available: $TBD*

**** Requires a Garmin 18X 5hz OEM GPS, available online or email us for details.

All XDL instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty - if you have a problem, send it back and we'll make it right.

  The Fine Print: In no application should this product be used in any device or application that could cause injury, loss of life, or property damage. Xtal Design Labs Incorporated makes no warranties whatsoever regarding the performance, operation, or fitness of this board for any particular purpose.




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