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Custom Instrumentation
XDL has been developing custom electronics for racing and automotive applications for over 10 years. If you have a particular problem or need that you can't get addressed, or are looking for a specific control - a custom dash to present information just the way you like it - or just a simpler way to make sense of all the reams of data that are collected - we can help. 
We have the xGauge system - an in house, industrial networked system that lets us talk directly with either industrial instrumentation or standard automotive senders. This lets us get your data into an electronic form that is easily logged or manipulated, tailored to your specific problem or implementation.
Custom 8 gauge RX7 setup - oil pressure & temp, coolant, volts, dual O2 and EGT
This, combined with years of experience building custom embedded real time devices allows for us to quickily and efficiently build new instruments with one thing in mind - making you faster.

ORCA Turbo Dash
Four Channel USB Tachometer
cluster1.jpg cluster2.jpg
xDash Prototype
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