xdl racing

XDL Racing

Xtal Design Labs proves our designs and our ideas in the most trying environment we can - competitive automotive racing. If it can go wrong, it will, and it certainly does. We work very hard to make our electronics and instruments preform in these environments so they work in yours. All of our base designs and technology get proven on the racetrack first - and you get the benefit of knowing your designs are held to the same standard.

XDL was founded by Steve Manley in 2006 to offer technology to people who were interested in performance first, and we maintain this philosophy in everything we do.


Formula Libre & Improved Touring / GT Road Racing are the platforms we test our designs and ideas on. Steve runs the #2 FL2000 car on the TRAC Tour Series , based at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Schubenacadie, Nova Scotia. XDL is also active in other avenues of amateur motorsport, including SoloSprint and SoloSport, Formula SAE and Baja.

XDL sponsors the #77 RX7 car of Jenn Harrie and David Earle in the series to provide an additional platform for testing instrumentation.


 XDL is proud to be involved with amateur motorsport! 

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