reynard buildup

Racing is all about speed, and going fast means spending money. We decided to move to a new car for 2008, and it was late arriving . The teardown and rebuild, including instrumentation, we will keep track of here. A blank slate is never a bad thing.

"There are only two reasons why your shiny new (or shiny old) racecar was shipped to you in one piece - if it was. First, it is cheaper to ship that way and, second, it is the only way that the seller could be sure that at least a majority of the parts did indeed reach you. The odds are 100 to 1 that whoever screwed it together knew that HE wasn't going to race it or be responsibile for it. Trust him not! Strip the vehicle to it's last nut and bolt and start from zero." -- Carroll Smith, "Prepare to Win"

Sage words. I might be willing to attempt mechanical work, I am not willing to attempt body work. We will leave that to those who know what they are doing.


Project start - looks good, but much needs to be replaced. Belts, hoses, bolts, fire system, fuel bladder, shock rebuild, transmission case repairs, ancient wiring, lions, tigers and bears oh my.


reynard3.jpg renard4.jpg

Analog gauges, including a seemingly vintage mechanical driven tach. We've got something special in mind to replace all this.



The years took it's toll on the fuel bladder - the foam protecting it from the metal seat backing had long since turned to dust. It's been sent off for repair and recertification. All of the coolant and oil lines need to be replaced.



First time completely stripping one of these - delicate precision with the floor jack and some handiwork to get the axles off. CV boots need replacing; we'll do that while it's all apart too.



Ah.. and the transmission is out and the engine is free. If anyone is wondering, those pinto engines are HEAVY. The clutch doesn't look like it's seen much love in awhile. It works, though, and since it's optional (heh), we'll see if that can wait until the winter. 



Ah! You never know where you will find some suprises. The weakened transmission case cracking has placed undue stress on the bell housing. It's completely split in the lower corner there. Luckily this is a little easier welded.The replacement transmission case will have to wait until the winter.



 The front sway bar, supposedly adjustible, is long since gone. I have no idea what the missing pieces are, but I am sure we can fabricate something up.



 Mystery shocks.. likely need replacement or a rebuild if everything else is an indicator.


 I wonder what the odds are the front suspension will go together like that again. Frame completely stripped and the pan being removed for frame sandblasting. A new laser-cut stainless pan, thicker welded footbox liner and a plastic (UHMW plastic) engine liner will be installed next.

 reynard2-5.jpg reynard2-6.jpg

Footbox looked like it has been submerged for some time. Plate is heavily degraded, and the brake fluid in the pedals didn't help matters. Note to self: Bolting things to the pan is a very bad idea. Weld tabs so proper brackets can be put in place!


... stay tuned for the continuation


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